A Lovely Reader Review

I received the following snail-mail from Catherine in Bellevue:

From the opening quotes, which I find to be very telling, to the end of Between the Two Rivers, I was completely caught up in the story of Mannig. She suffered terrible tragedy and loss, and yet was still determined to live the life she had in front of her. She had such strong will; I was so impressed by her persistence and her insistence that she was going to remain with her sister, that she was going to be educated, that she would not be a slave. It is amazing to think that someone so young had such determination. I must confess when Mardiros fell in love with her—he was so old!—I cringed a bit, but I was completely entranced by their love story. I just had to know how the book ended. It had a happy ending, and books with happy endings are the best kind. I wanted to know more about Mannig. How did she fare? Was she happy? Did she receive the education that was so important to her? What happened to her sister, who was horribly treated during the genocide? What happened to the displaced Armenians? Are they back home again?

I loved Between the Two Rivers and I want to know more. I highly recommend this book as a good read and great story.

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  1. An amazing story. I couldn’t put it down – cover to cover in two evenings. This is not the kind of story I would normally read, but after hearing more of the background to the story at a Probus group presentation by Aida, I wanted to read it. Mannig’s story carries you along and gives a picture of a life totally different from what most of us know today, but not so distant in time that we can’t relate to it. Thanks, Aida.