My Reading at the Mercer Island Library

I had another successful book signing and the weather prompted many to seek the air-conditioned Library for respite.

They also enjoyed Starbucks coffee and Cosco Nazook (Armenian pasty) provided by the Librarian. (When she ran out of the Nazook, I brought in a tray I had made myself at home, and brought along, just in case. Well the opportunity came very quickly. The library anticipated 10-12 people only.)

There were 30 people, not counting myself. Most of them were from Seattle, and personally I knew only a handful of the guests.

There were several Americanized-Armenians I was delighted to meet for the first time, and they were curious about the existing Armenian community in King County.

Two guests who had actually known my mother gave us tidbits about her I had forgotten; one was a folk-dance teacher who had learned an Armenian dance from my mom, the other related some of the wisdom my mom had shared with her, such as, “What’s in the heart shows in the eyes.”

I was showered with compliments/questions/comments at the end of the presentation:

You are a very good speaker. You engage your audience fully. I could hear you for another hour and wouldn’t have enough.

I’ve heard you before but you make a very entertaining presentation. I’m glad I came again.

I’m here because my daughter urged me to come. She got your flyer about your book-signing slid under her windshield wiper of her car, parked at MI Starbucks.

I suspected you’d be good, but your presentation was phenomenal. You are something special.

Why can’t I get your book at the University Bookstore?

One friend came from Whidbey Island especially for the book signing.

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  1. Vicki Heck says:

    Aida – Thank you so much for coming to Mercer Island Library to present your book. It was such a pleasure meeting you, reading your mother’s story and then hearing your wonderful author talk at our program earlier this month. Roger, from Island Books, was right when he said you’ve got it all – you’re a wonderful writer, a compelling speaker and you have such a warm charisma about you. You are magnetic, as I imagine your mother was as well from the stories you tell. Thank you so much for coming to Mercer Island Library and speaking. I feel richer knowing you and your family’s story.

  2. aida says:

    Thanks Vicki – you are generous and gracious.
    The atmosphere of the setting was condusive to a happy event. Your presence throughout the session was encouraging.
    Thank you for taking time to be present. It added a lot to my confidence.

    I’ll stop by the library soon and plan a lunch together.