A Preview of the Sequel to Between the Two Rivers

Here is a note from Kelly, the youngest sister of a friend:

I just finished your book, and I was absolutely fascinated!  Your descriptions put such vivid images in my mind, as though I were there next to your mother, hearing and seeing everything.

But you left me so hungry for more information—an epilogue, if you will!  Did Mannig ever get to go to school? What instruments did she learn? Did her in-laws accept her and come to love her? When were the children born? Did her sister and brother-in-law come to the US?

What a marvelous tribute to a remarkable woman, and yes—a remarkable man!

Here is my response:

The Answers to your wonderful questions will definitely make it into the plot of the sequel to Between the Two Rivers!

Adrine and her husband never left Baghdad. They had four children, all of whom were educated either in the US or in Paris. They (my cousins) are scattered now throughout Beirut, Rome and Baghdad.

Mannig learned to play the piano and became an accomplished pianist; she entertained many groups in the Seattle area in the 1980s. She did not go to school, but teachers were brought home to tutor her. My Dad taught her English and French.

The Kouyoumjians—except one sister-in-law—loved her because my grandmother decided to accept her as a full-fledged Armenian.

As for the rest of the details, they will have to wait! Otherwise, where would the suspense be?

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