Word of My Book Travels to Columbia, S.C.

Recently I wrote about a Columbia College Professor, Selden Smith, who ordered many of my books to give as gifts to the high school teachers who would be attending his July 2010 workshop in Columbia, South Carolina. At the conclusion of the workshop, he wrote this note to my sister, Maro:

The teachers returned to their various states with great enthusiastic praise about the Holocaust and Genocide sessions. They particularly praised Maro Rogers, for the first-hand information about the events recorded in the book during one of the sessions. Each teacher was gifted a copy of the book and given Coffeetown Press’ phone number and e-mail address so they negotiate bulk orders. Sometimes, teachers want classroom sets for reading purposes. I have enjoyed 235 pages of your mother’s early career and her awful recollections of the Genocide. Before long, I’ll be wishing for Volume II.

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