Mercer Island Summer Celebration

Over the weekend I participated in the Mercer Island Summer Celebration by working at the Mercer Island Covenant Church and Kiwanis Sno-Cone Sale booths. I also signed books.

The experience was rewarding and nostalgic. So many of my former students stopped by to chat—some with their parents—and reminisce about the “old days” at West Mercer Elementary, where I began my teaching career.

Our Church did a nice write-up in its newsletter.

More from my mailbag …

I would like to share this lovely note from Hratch Kouyoumdjian. Hratch and his family live in San Francisco. He is the son of Hagop Kouyoumdjian, my first cousin (deceased) and his wife Hermine, of El Cerito, California.

Growing up in Baghdad, I was fortunate to meet your Mother and Father on many occasions. Your book shed so much light on what I did not know and sadly was never told by those around me at the time. This book is a valuable and personal account of what many went through at the hands of the Turks at the time.  I have sent copies to my daughter, cousin and nieces so that they may also know. Thank you for undertaking this effort.

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