More enthusiastic responses … thank you!

I’ve received several calls and run into people at QFC or Starbucks who express how much they have enjoyed reading Between the Two Rivers.

I’m so very grateful for their compliments and flattered to share their enthusiasm.

I’ve also received accolades in the mail. Carole Tye, retired teacher, sent a note in her lovely handwriting. She says: “What a wonderful tribute to your mother, aunt and your family. A powerful read—I couldn’t put it down. Read it in two and half days and for me that is a “Wow!” A history lesson for me, too. The book deserves another visit.

I received a postcard from John Lindberg, retired medical doctor. He writes: “I read your book straight through in a couple of days (a record time for me). I enjoyed it all and had to keep going from page to page. Some girl! Some woman! Some mother! You are a great writer. Keep it up.”

I’m having so much fun. Thank you one and all.

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