Beyond the Two Rivers: Mannig’s Story Continues

beyond_2riversComing December 1, 2014, the long-awaited sequel to Between the Two Rivers:

Beyond the Two Rivers:

The Continuing Story of Mannig

the Heroine of Between the Two Rivers

Following the Armenian Genocide

Between the Two Rivers was a true Cinderella of Mesopotamia story. Young Mannig rose from starving Armenian orphan to the teenage bride of a wealthy philanthropist. Beyond the Two Rivers begins in Baghdad amid the political turmoil of 1958 and then flashes back to where the first book left off in 1922, when Mannig travels to the desert castle of her in-laws. As a young mother, Mannig moves from one isolated farming village outpost to another while her engineer husband makes the desert bloom. Mannig, Mardiros, and their three children eventually settle in Baghdad, where the tumult of World War II has soured relations between the various tribes who have shared these lands peacefully for centuries.

Whether hobnobbing with royalty or escaping from angry Bedouin, Mannig retains her resilience and joie de vivre. This is an Iraq that no longer exists, except in our memories and imaginations.

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  1. Barbara C. Thomas says:

    I can hardly wait to hold this book in my hand and read “the rest of the story.” I know it will be as compelling as the first book. The author is not only a master story teller but she is part of the story.