A Fascinating Story!

The e-mail below really picked up my spirits.  To receive an honest-to-goodness compliment from a relative (third cousin in the other Kouyoumjian branch who live in Versailles, France) is certainly gratifying. Living relatives can be extremely critical (Armenian relatives, that is), so it was particularly wonderful to hear from Ara:

Dear Aida,
A month ago I had the opportunity to order your book Between the Two Rivers through a European Internet business site I know. I received the book within a week. It’s the second edition (with very interesting photos).
What a great book!
Needless to say, I enjoyed every page, every paragraph of it.
In addition to the exceptional story, and how the Kouyoumdjians come into the picture, the book gives also a different way to talk about the genocide.
It is not yet another book on the horrible 1915 events, but an interesting story relating the consequences of the genocide.
It fills the gap between the massacres and our generation.
The story is great, but it required your great talent to write it down in such an interesting way.
I did not know of your talent for writing.
Thank you so much for having written and published this book.

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