A few Impromptu Book Signings

On Sunday, October 10th, I was given two unexpected opportunities to talk about my book and even sign a few copies.

1)   The Youth Pastor, Jeff Palmberg, invited me to speak about Iraq and my book to a group of twenty highschoolers. It was a treat. The students’ total attention was invigorating and their questions challenging. Many expressed their hope to convince their high school teachers to invite me to come speak at one of their classes.

2)   I belong to “Bellini,” a preview group for the Seattle Opera Guild. To raise funds for the opera, we meet prior to the opening of a new production and enjoy samplings of the major arias sung by talented local singers.

The chair of our group introduced me as an opera-buff who is an author. As a result, I autographed several copies of Between the two Rivers.

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