More from my Armenian friend …

More from the Armenian Friend I quoted in my last post:

KCLS (King County Library System) has bought at least 7 copies of your book (& there are 10 people waiting on hold for it, too!)

Good luck, Aida, and I can’t wait for the sequel!

My response to this and his earlier message:

You are very generous with your compliments. I accept and thank you greatly.

There is very little from my imagination in the book. The language is mine, of course, but the content is more than ninety percent my mom’s—whether spoken or written.

I did juggle the timing of some events to immerse the reader into the flow of her life. But other than that, it is Mannig from start to finish.

The hardest thing was not to immerse my emotions into the horror of the genocide. I knew Americans wouldn’t want to read too much sadness. In any case, my mother had an upbeat attitude about her survival, so even that element of the story is hers.

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