More Kind Words from my Readers …

From a Fellow Armenian:

I finally got the chance to sit down and read your book—and when I did, I devoured it in about 3 days! What a great writer you are! Such rich detail, so evocative & emotional, such passion & feeling! Certainly your mother couldn’t have told you ALL of this? And although you didn’t dwell on the horrors of the Genocide, I was happy to read your book, which still contained so much hope.

I can’t wait for any sequel— and also wonder when Hollywood will film it? (With you starring as Romella perhaps?!)

My mother’s mother came from Keskin Madin near Ankara, which I visited in 1983, but I never heard much about their own story in getting out (through France & Canada I believe).

And a Non-Armenian:

After reading your outstanding book I wished I had some Armenian heritage in my half Irish and half Swedish parentage.

I love all your family members. Your portraits of them make for such rich reading—all parts of your mother’s extraordinary story by you.

Your Haji-Doo’s words: “If it is written in the heart it will be written by the hand,” certainly became the heart of your ability to write such an important book.

Many thanks, Aida, and may God continue to give you that grand voice to write another related book.

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